Fekete organisation has just closed its national project during which they were managing an after-school centre for disadvantaged children, supporting them with their studies, aiming at keeping them in school. The age of the target group was 6-18 among whom there were Roma students.

AEA is pioneer in its activities and projects devoted to the integral development and education of children and youth. Through strategic partnerships with local, national and international institutions the Foundation promotes and implements high-impact social projects in the fields of alternative education, culture, gender, arts, multiculturalism, environmental education, entrepreneurship and positive social action.

JRP organization is strengthening its commitment for children’ s rights protection. The organisation has started an innovative project addressing children from 5 to 10 years old living in the slums of Bhubaneswar. In the morning during the school time the activities is addressed to the dropouts living in Nilapadia and Adarsh slum. In fact, the JRP’ s staff organize informal lessons in a room inside the NGO office. In the afternoon entertainment activities (games, theatrical dance performance, songs competitions and informal amusing tutoring) are held in the slums so the children regularly attend the school.

SCMS organisation has in its territory of reference a pro-active role regarding ESL, taking into account that the organization participates in local decision making processes that deal with policies and strategies relating to children and families.

Futur au Present association organizes activities for disadvantaged children in the region: refugee children, orphans, those who have been victims of torture and violence, or who have suffered the consequences of armed conflict for years, tearing the region of Casamance. Aims also to ensure access to school and nutritional assistance to children, raising awareness on issues of peace and citizenship, family mediation, and social inclusion