The face of non-formal education

During my stay in Estonia, my home country, I was a job shadower in Seiklejate Vennaskond. The organization mainly focuses on sending youngsters abroad, rather than receiving them, so this was a fairly rare chance. Knowing this, I felt even more blessed to have had this opportunity. I also had co-job shadowers from Uruguay, Kenya and another girl from Estonia. Together we started the journey of introducing non-formal education to youngsters in Estonia.

Our main aim during this whole month was to organize workshops in schools and youth centers. We were lucky enough to constantly travel around across the whole country and through this we saw different sides of Estonia. We had schools picking out the workshop  and we then adjusted it according to the target group. All the workshops we arranged were composed of two parts: interculturality and art. This was our way to introduce kids the meaning of non-formal education- through music and movements.

Having no previous experience in the field of youth work my expectations were rather low. Glad to say now, my expectations were overfulfilled on another level. I had always thought Estonians were rather shy and quiet, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how eager they were to participate in activities which were nothing like what they are used to. Being able to move around in Estonia, we found out that even in a small country, the people and the schools can be very different across the country. Through organizing workshops and focusing on the non-formal side of them, we learned more of what it means to us and the freedom of doing them according to our knowledge and wishes gave us the opportunity to shape the way we wanted it to be presented to youngsters. We had the chance to change the face of non-formal education.

Kelly, Estonia

Job shadowing in Estonia