An impressive dedication

I would have never imagined living such an intense experience in the city that has been my home for the last two years. During this first month of job-shadowing in my home country, I have been a “cultural mediator” for my Uruguayan colleague, in order to facilitate his job-shadowing experience.

As a facilitator, I could explore many different contexts of Palermo and also discover new shades of it that I didn’t know before. I carried out and took part in many different activities such as: helping children with their homework, participating in Tango classes with the teenagers and also with the women of ZEN Insieme, volunteering at Ballarò Buskers (an amazing street art festival), as well as taking part in cooking classes of Uruguayan and Nepalese cuisine. All these activities have been carried out in different neighbourhoods that are in social and economic disadvantaged conditions, where children suffer from educational deprivation that leads to a high rate of early school leaving.

What impressed me most, was the dedication to the work that all the educators and workers do to improve the life of the citizens in these areas. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience that inspired me a lot. Now, it’s time to go to Uruguay!

Katia, Italy

Job shadowing in Italy