The power of relations  

During the first week of job shadowing in Palermo, Italy, in the framework of Edu-Action 2.0 project, we met the different organizations where we were going to carry out the observation experience. The educators were able to give us a general idea of ​​the work they do and the social context in which children and adolescents live.

I saw that there is a link between fraternity and trust. In the first contact with the boys I saw different reactions, all of them age-specific. The little ones were more open to the presentation. At the end of the third week I could see the children open to our activities.

I think we generate a link. It is difficult to join a group that is already integrated because it has completed its process. I had to adapt my ideas to their needs. I was able to connect much better with them.

At the end of this experience I confirm that if we generate a relationship with people then the results will be seen. But it is very important that we know how to set a limit in some cases because this situation can affect the process and the results. 

Andrès, UruguayJob shadowing in Italy