The power of sharing

This first part of the project is already coming to an end and it seems time slipped away. Even though I grew up in Palermo and lived there most of my life, I could not imagine that it could still surprise me so much.

It is always impressive to discover through the eyes of those who know it for the first time and, at the same time, of those who work there constantly, how beautiful this city is in its welcoming and its desire to improve, despite everything. Palermo is a city that wants to be discovered in its complexity, inviting us to feel part of its community with a watchful eye on every detail.

During this month many local associations have involved us warmly in their activities, giving us the opportunity to contribute actively to the work they carry out with rigour and passion.

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of Borgo Vecchio youngsters who participated in our English course with commitment and curiosity, always supported by the tireless educators of R.E.A.C.T. project who have been working with dedication in this neighbourhood for several years.

We have known the reality of Laboratorio Zen Insieme, born in one of the most difficult and marginalized districts of Palermo, Zen 2, which for more than thirty years has been promoting projects in favour of minors and their families, with a particular emphasis on women. Together we have carried out cooking activities, involving ZEN women in the preparation of typical Uruguayan and Nepalese dishes and in Tango classes, where we learned to know each other through this wonderful experience of non-verbal communication.

At Santa Chiara center, which is located in one of the most multicultural neighbourhoods of Palermo, Ballarò, we organized non-formal cultural and linguistic exchange activities and participated in “Arte migrante”, a spontaneous group of people who meet once every two weeks and share through art the simple desire to stay together, sharing food and stories.

Last but not least for importance and emotions, we volunteered in the organization of Ballarò Buskers, a street arts festival that in the last four years has involved traders, residents of Ballarò and not, volunteers and artists from all over Italy and the world to fill with music and cheerfulness all the streets and alleys of this wonderful and complicated neighbourhood.

In a few days I will travel to Nepal to conclude the second part of my job shadowing of this beautiful project and I already feel that I have learned so much from all the wonderful people who accompanied me during this month. The passion and perseverance with which these educators carry on their work have been a great inspiration for my personal growth and have given me a new sense of trust that I thought I had lost with regard to the future. It is precisely these values that we must convey to young people, working with them on the importance of human relations and the sharing of common projects.

In a world that wants us to be more and more divided, we have the duty to defend ourselves with love.


Aurora, Italy
Job shadowing in Italy