The differences that make you grow


After an amazing experience in Palermo it was a wonderful feeling to be back to my home country. The welcome was a very traditional mix-up in Lumbini Beginners Academy where the job shadowers of Edu-Action 2.0 project in Nepal received a very warm greetings with garlands, khada, cultural dance by kids and tikas.

The experiences and lessons I learnt in Europe were very interesting and full of surprises. I could feel and understand a lot of things and inform myself about the better civilization and a new way of living. The education system in Nepal could learn a lot from Italy and I believed that some of the good practices experienced could be of great use to solve the problems with education in Palermo.

The difference in the way of living and my daily activities as of Europe could tell me that I am more integrated to the way of life in Europe even being in my home country.

I was in full confidence that the participants going to Nepal would get a lot of surprises and inter-cultural shock during an entire month of observation. The difference between daily classes in Europe and Nepal is of great significance in recognizing the problems and the solutions associated with these problems. I would like to thank the project participants both in Nepal and Italy and also in other partner countries for providing me another level of sight-seeing about the geographical differences and within the Eastern and the Western world.

Abinash, Nepal

Job shadowing in Italy