Greetings from Santa Coloma de Gramenet!

If I do what I do for living, it’s because I firmly believe that things can change. That us, people, can move everything around and make it work, and here I am, as one of the 12 participants in the Edu Action 2.0 project.

And what do I do? You will be wondering… I coordinate International Mobility Projects for VET learners. I see them grow, develop and change, but I also see them struggling and sometimes I see them not succeeding.

When I first heard about Edu Action 2.0 I got immediately interested in the topic, Early School Leaving (ESL). For someone like me, working in the field of education and in formal settings such as VET and Secondary Schools, it was an extraordinary chance to learn as well as collaborate with what I know (which is probably not that much). But more importantly, I thought the people I work with (students, teachers, educators, young people…) could highly benefit from what I learn throughout the process.

This month (October 2019), we hosted in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) one participant from Estonia, Kristjan. He had a chance to meet and visit plenty of Youth Organisations, VET schools, Adult Education Schools, local projects for ESL participants, etc. It was a pretty interesting experience to plan and prepare this Job Shadowing for him. I was sometimes surprised on how helpful and welcoming our partners were and  I can’t thank them enough for sharing in such a generous way all their skills, tools and knowledge.

Throughout this month I also had a chance to get involved in some of the activities for the Job Shadowing and I could experience first hand the daily work my colleagues are doing and the passion they bring with them.

It was sometimes difficult to manage language barriers, especially when working in settings where people don’t know a second language, but everyone’s attitude made it much easier and enjoyable.

In no time I will be flying to Kenya to undertake a Job Shadowing for a month with partner organization Resource Hub for Development (RHD). I don’t know what to expect and I believe I am probably not fully aware that this is happening, but what I know for sure is that I am ready to listen, see, exchange, learn and enjoy!

Luís, Spain

Job shadowing in Kenya