Taking a fresh look at what I see everyday

Sometimes you need to step out and look from outside to understand where you are in your own path.

I work in Asociación Mundus, an organisation based in Barcelona that promotes international mobility among youngsters, students, teachers and youth workers. Now, as a youth worker in the organisation, I got the powerful opportunity to participate in Edu-Action 2.0., a project that aims at tackling early school leaving by building up a strong network of youth workers who can show and share what it is done in each of their countries.

After the first month of this job shadowing, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of this. Some months ago, the awaited moment was my mobility in Nepal, but then, as the first part of the job shadowing was approaching I focused more on planning and designing a programme for the people that we would host in Spain. How could we show them the Spanish education system? How could we explain what are the main challenges? How to express in a meaningful way the invisible reasons behind early school leaving in our community? What would be the best way to implicate the job shadowers in the daily life of professionals that deal with those challenges everyday? How could we create a space for them to share and bring their experiences in our local community?

It was by trying to answer all this questions, and later, by participating with Kristjan –our job shadower from Estonia– at some of the activities that I could see with new eyes a reality that is usually familiar. By trying to share what we do and the challenges we face with Kristjan, as well as confronting ideas with him and the rest of professionals involved in the activities, I could reflect, re-think and give new value to things that I was taking for granted.

My conclusion after this first month of job shadowing in my own country is that, although there is a long way to go, I feel proud of the amount of committed youth workers and other professionals in the field of youth and education in Catalunya, who fight day after day to provide children and youngsters the motivation to learn, to actively participate in their communities, to look inside themselves to find their own talents and, above all, to never give up.

Now the second part of this learning path is awaiting at the corner, and I can’t wait to see what’s in there.

Clara, Spain

Job shadowing in Spain