Growing as a youth worker, growing as a person,


The job-shadowing experience in Uruguay was very educative and improved many of my practical skills and methods as a youth worker. We had several activities with high school and basic school students in Canelones region. The experience in Uruguay was excellent. For instance, it was a great opportunity to observe the examination of artistic course as well as their preparation classes for it. We introduced them the possibilities for national and international volunteer projects and the Erasmus+ programme.

Moreover, the host organisation in Uruguay, AUDELE, arranged the tour in the Parliament of Uruguay, The British Embassy in Montevideo and the meeting at the Ministry of Education. We were also involved in the dance therapy course for elderly women.

We had a great opportunity to see Uruguayan traditions more closely, namely the spiritual musical instruments. Also, we had a great experience to learn very important dances such as Tango and Candombe with the community members also in the schools.

During the second week, we were invited to the San Jacinto high school to introduce Erasmus+ opportunities to the group of people who were chosen by AUDELE to participate in a project in Costa Rica under this programme. They were very glad to receive us and to hear our knowledge about these opportunities.

Once, we held an activity in the youth centre located in Montevideo (Casa Joven), where we discussed the interests, hobbies, cultures, dances and backgrounds of the youngsters attending the centre.

We had also an activity with children in CEDAE, which is an institution gathering together children with special needs.

As a conlusion, I improved a lot my professional skills as a youth worker as well as a person during these activities in Uruguay and I got inspiration for my future work and life in Estonia.


Kairi, Estonia

Job shadowing in Uruguay