Time to take advantage of my discoveries

Throughout my job shadowing experience in Uruguay I found myself answering many times the same question: why did you come to Uruguay from your beautiful Italy? It seemed crazy to leave my country to spend one month in Santa Rosa, a very small village in the countryside.

I explained the aim of my visit many different times, saying that of course Italy is beautiful but actually it is not so perfect and we have thousands of things in common with Uruguay, including problems.

Thanks to my Uruguayan colleague Velisa, who is also an excellent dance teacher in schools, I could see different contexts, compare the educational systems and observe the relationship that she has with her students. We went to 4 different high schools, a primary school, an educational center for disabled people in Canelones and we also visited a youth center called Casa Joven – in Palermo neighborhood in Montevideo – where we had the opportunity to meet the teenagers attending the centre and to have an interesting intercultural discussion with them.

What I liked the most was the extraordinary work Velisa does with her students to encourage them discover their talents through emotional education. Besides that, I noticed that non-formal education in Uruguay is very much involved in the formal education, but still the impact on ESL is not very significant. From what I could see, it is an option that is considered by students that are more enthusiastic to learn. It does not reach students that are at risk of ESL.

I feel grateful to have lived such an intense and enriching experience. Now it is time to gather all the inputs I received and take advantage of them.


Katia, Italy

Job shadowing in Uruguay