We need that people can live their lives

When I returned to my country after my experience of job shadowing, I could see the situation about early school leaving is similar, except for some specific problems.

In Uruguay there are not many associations that work to combat this problem.  Non-formal education tools have been incorporated into the formal system to combat school dropout. The education system has been  obliged to be modified  to adapt itself to new needs. Which is the right way? Are the systems ready to update very fast? Times change rapidly, people and their interests too, economies are an important aspect in many countries and that affects the reality of young people and children.

We can focus on teachers, educational systems, but programs should not stop seeing that there are other realities to attend. “We need things to work” but we need even more that people can live their lives. We need responsible governments to take these responsibilities into their hands, we need leaders who believe in what they do and not destroy us in the process, we need the people to wake up from that lethargy that drives us away. I still think it’s possible, I think we can.


Andrés, Uruguay

Job shadowing in Italy