In this distant country every day we hear different stories of survival and determination, carried out by Small/Big Heroes.

In this article I want to tell you about a five-year-old boy named Abdul, who may have the opportunity to change the course of his life and build his future.

I had the opportunity to meet his family during a home visit organized by the FAP educator.

In this family live the little Abdul, his grandmother, a brother, some cousins and another family with which they share the room.

Abdul has been living with his grandmother since his mother died and his father abandoned the family when the woman got ill.

While living with his mother, Abdul went to school and, according to his grandmother, he was very interested and intelligent. After his mother’s death, his family’s economic and social situation got worse and his grandmother was unable to sustain it.

Since then, another family lives with them and they share the expenses and the small physical space. In the dwelling there are six people, they have no electricity and when it rains the conditions are inadequate.

In order to raise some money to buy primary goods, Avo (the grandmother) grows by herself some food: some is sold while the rest is used to cook. These activities are carried out in cooperation between the two families.

When questioned about the possibility of sending the grandson to a school Institute, she answers that she wants her grandson to “have something” but that alone she can’t do much more. She doesn’t want Abdul to become a “bandit” without a future.

Little Abdul is looking intensely at our words for a meaning.

He is currently spending his time strolling around the neighborhood and playing with the other boys.

When I spoke to the educator about the reporting of this situation to the social services, I was informed that it had been already denounced by a member of the community.

My big concern is the number of little Abdul, Ibraim and other children who exist and for whom the answers aren’t these.

Concerning little Abdul, I believe there is a possibility of writing a different story and that the final outcome of it may be happy.