Our first week of job shadowing in Hungary

Our first day as job shadowers in Hungary was on 27.02.2017. It began as we left for Debrecen with our coordinator Rita. Debrecen is the second largest town in Hungary which is about 400 km from Nagyvazsong and lies on the Eastern coast of the country.

We visited an afternoon school for gypsy people in Hajduboszormeny. There they explained us that gypsy people are said to originate from Northern India, presumably from the North-western Indian states Rajasthan and Punjab. The language has grammatical characteristics of Indian languages and shares with them a big part of the basic lexicon, for example, body parts or daily routines. So for me it was really interesting to know that gypsies hail from India. Afterwards, we visited another afternoon school which was a non formal educational school. Some kids were there to learn English and I contributed in the best way I could. Also, I learnt about the curriculum they follow in that school. In the evening we visited the rock school which was a real delight to me. It was very well disciplined and students and teachers were working in harmony. There were also other activities like table tennis and table soccer. In the adjacent building there was a place where youngsters could learn how to fix their bicycles. Learning to fix bicycles was something new to me as I’ve never seen something like that in my country.


The rock school in Debrecen

The day after was followed by visiting the youth centre at Veszprem. The youth centre offered a lot of activities like board games, books to read, freelance painting the walls, table soccer etc. The idea of having something very similar to a youth centre struck me and I’d love to take this idea back to my country and work on it.

At the youth centre a volunteer from Nepal gave a presentation talking about his country, the food, the cultures and traditions. Then he cooked some traditional food from Nepal. We had a team dinner together which was quite nice as we spoke about the food and cultures of our respective countries.


Youth centre at Veszprem

The following day I went back to the youth centre in Nagyvazsong while a couple of my friends went to the American corner to help students with English lessons. During the activities, I drew my national flag and put it up on the wall among the other flags: in that moment I felt very proud to represent India abroad.

The next day we visited a kindergarden with cute little kids all around. I could recall my childhood looking at the kids playing in slides and scribbling and colouring their books. The staff at the kindergarden was very kind with us: they showed us the whole place and briefed us about the curriculum they follow, the food they offer and also about the different activities they conduct.

On Saturday we hosted 20 volunteers who were coming from Budapest to our organisation. Our coordinator gave an introductory speech about the work the organisation does, that was followed by the presentations given by 4 of us on our respective countries (India, Bolivia, France, Nepal) and their education and school system. Then there was an interactive session with the volunteers and we spoke about the importance of learning English as a mean to make intercultural communication much easier. There was some snack and wine offered to the volunteers and everything winded up smoothly.

On Sunday we were invited for lunch to James’ house. So at noon we went along with him to his strawberry and raspberry farm. It was really good to know that he uses no chemicals and follows an organic way of farming. We had a look around the farm and he briefed us about the harvesting season and about planting and pruning the plants. Later we had lunch with his wife and adorable daughter. The lunch was amazing and we had a lot of conversation over lunch. We discussed about economy, political situations, cultures, food, festivals and traditions. So it was more or less an intercultural lunch. We also tried the home made palinka which is the local wine here in Nagyvazsong.

So it was a pretty busy and nice weekend. I really hope to gain as much as I already did in the next three weeks!