Irene’s Jobshadowing

I could say that everything was perfect since the first day, but it isn’t true.

It isn’t always easy to leave our “life”, family, daily work, friends, food etc..

At the beginning I spent three days in Santa Cruz during Bolivian Carnival: it is quite different from ours. They like to have big party in the street and in local stadium. It was quite hot but the third day I started to enjoy the people and the city.

On Wednesday we moved to “Samaipata” where we will spend one month.
I loved it since the first moment. The village is a kind of Micromundo where about 25 nationalities live together in harmony. It is quite cosmopolitan for being a small town, there are a lot of restaurants and nice cafés where you can meet people and have any kind of conversation. The best thing is that you talk with everybody as if you have known them for a long time.

We are working in the local municipality, the staff is very kind and it seems that the project will have good results. People are really sensitive about the topic of early school leaving.

During the week-end I had the opportunity to discover an incredible nature reserve, since I was a guest of a Bolivian family. I had the chance to discover some of their traditions and typical dishes. I felt so lucky, because I could visit waterfalls and enjoy hiking in wonderful places.

Next week we will go to many small villages to meet teachers and have interviews about early school leaving. I am very curious to visit new places nearby.