It’s my third week in Hungary and I just feel so good in Nagyavaszony. I think Hungarian people have a very pure and beautiful heart.

All the volunteers and I spent most of the week getting ready for a special event in Batonfured’s school. It was an intercultural day where kids would learn more about our different countries and cultures. Preparation included a short presentation about each country and its school system, a puzzle game with maps of different continents, and a class of a Bolivian and a Senegalese dance for the children.

As we got ready with presentation, drawing, coloring and cutting puzzles and preparing the dances, the children at school worked hard on writing questions for us in English. They worked very hard on their questions and were expecting this day with great motivation.

When the day arrived, the kids were excited and even a little bit nervous. They asked a lot of questions, paid so much attention to the presentations (also because they were in their  second language) and learned the dances energetically! TV reporters from the local TV came, filmed the event and even made me an interview. I was a little nervous but very happy to see how much importance the event was given.

Getting to know a bit more about languages and education in Hungary, I found out that most “brilliant” students work very hard on learning a second language, especially German, in order to leave Hungary and move to another country, and so make more money and have better quality of life. There are also kids that don’t do so well in school and feel they will never be able to leave Hungary, and with this feeling they lose motivation to study or learn.

It was kind of sad to acknowledge this, because I really do think Hungary is a beautiful country. I love pretty everything about it, and even though they can’t make as much money as in Austria for example, they make enough to have a good quality of life. I think they idealize other countries a bit and don’t see how expensive it could be living elsewhere. As I told before, Hungary is so beautiful and is definitely the place I’ve liked the most in Europe so far. If I had to choose a place to live in Europe, it would be Hungary.

This week I could also interview a young boy, Bocsbay Tamás, that is now studying in a vocational educational school. How inspiring his story was! He had a lot of difficulties during his childhood, both at home and at school. But with a lot of self-determination and with the help of youth workers at Fekete Sereg, he could choose to become a very successful and independent person, doing what he loves to do and being happy. Other testimonies like this I could know about while working in the association in the afternoons. I think the work being done with youngsters in Nagyavaszony is precious. Maybe we see big statistics, but many lives are being touched, deeply, by getting real help and support to overcome difficulties. They usually hold on to someone who’s there for them, who can listen, encourage and guide.

I’m taking so many ideas to put into practice just as soon as I come back. Again, I finish another week really inspired and loving Hungary more and more!


Maria Elena