Slowly but surely we have arrived to the moment of truth, when we were supposed to present our work, everything we have found out about the school system, their future possibilities and some recommendations to the municipality to change at least a bit in order to help the kids to reach their aims.

We were supposed to speak twice. The first time in Samaipata, for more than 100 people, professors, principals, students and leaders of the municipality. Everything was prepared, we put together a nice presentation for the audience. We arrived first to the venue and waited for the others. At the beginning we thought that people will come according to the Bolivian time concept, being a bit late. Unfortunately, it turned out that something went wrong and no one came. But at least it was a great lesson for the organization and the Town Hall as well.

The next day, in a secondary school in a village nearby, we were luckier. With two other presentations they were listening to us as well. As I’ve mentioned, we were really interested in their opinion and their choices after the secondary school. After our short speech we tried to ask some questions, but maybe because they were tired or timid, not many of them answered.

After this, we realized that if we didn’t directly talk to the youngsters, our investigation wouldn’t be complete. For the next day we were planning a visit to two secondary schools in Samaipata to talk to the students at their last year about their plans, ideas and recommendations. As I expected, it was not covering completely what we heard earlier from teachers, principals and other grown-ups. They want to study and even if they move to the city they don’t want to stay there forever. They would like to move back to their town but it’s not so easy, since the labour market is not simply approachable or their studies are not the best to help them find a job.

These things are all going to be part of the final investigation that the next week we will show officially to the municipality.