In the last years I’ve had the privilege of working with different people in different contexts and different areas. These experiences have allowed me to evolve and learn to do other things in different ways, as well as to give a new look to what we are doing.

During these three weeks and through the Edu-Action Project I had the opportunity to get to know two Work Teams, which develop activities with targets similar to the ones I’m used to, but with more complex realities and with fewer resources than those we complain about in our countries.

During this period I have shared the methodologies, the dynamics, the experiences and the results of the work with different actors, but, on the other hand, I had the privilege to observe and participate actively in so many activities I carried out on a daily basis and that make youngsters smile and grow.

Music, theater, body language, yoga, sports and so many other initiatives that are making the difference in a context that suffers from the difficulty and lack of resources. It is not easy and I think that this reality raises in each of us a greater sense of respect for all these people. That’s the reason why I thank you for the way everyone has made me feel integrated and welcomed as a participant in these Teams in every moment of this experience.