The weather is getting wormer and our week n. 3 in Hungary starts. So, with the upcoming spring, everything around the Nagyvazsony village becomes even more beautiful along with the beautiful people I come across. My extended family in Hungary gets bigger and bigger as we visit further schools in and around the village.

This week our task included a presentation we had to prepare and show in a Balatonfured school about our respective countries and their school situation, followed by a description of our education systems. It was much of an interactive session as the students took enough interest to raise questions and ask us more and more about our countries. This was followed by some African and Bolivian dances taught by our volunteers working at Fekete Sereg. The hosts were really kind and warm and quite happy to have us there. This intercultural day was very special and will keep a special place in my heart throughout my life.

Also this week I attended the ‘American corner’ where there were discussions about general topics like cultures, economic and political situations in different countries. The whole concept of American corner focuses on strengthening the English skills and exchanging ideas about how to grow.

The rest of the week passed by attending a few more schools and helping the children in the best possible way we could.