The value of an educator

Cooperation between different actors is the core of the problem. In Senegal everybody knows very well how important is to go to school and study, most of the time there is a lack of financial resources. The good will, at the opposite, is never missing.

In Ziguinchor FAP is doing a tremendous work: they run two different educational centres, one for street children and another for little girls taken away from child labor.

But their work doesn’t end here. During the week educators go to speak with families, do activities in schools and, if necessary, they even go in jails. And everybody recognizes and respect them for what they do. No matter what.

Most of the time an educator works in trenches and is moved only by the strong belief in his mission.

A society that really cares about the future of their children should at least recognize their efforts.

And in Senegal everybody knows very well how valuable they are.