My idea to come to Portugal for a job shadowing came out of nowhere. I found out that I needed some changes in my life and the idea was to go to another country to experience other cultures and lifestyles.

The day my life changed
I got on the plane in Palermo, Italy, and I had all the good wishes and hugs and kisses with me to go for my Job Shadowing!
So, few hours later I landed in Lisbon airport, got my luggage and started to find the way to reach the hostel where I had to stay one night, but it was not as easy as I expected. It was already 8 p.m. when I got out the plane, but a bad surprise expected me: the bus line from the airport to the city center didn’t work anymore, so I had to take a taxi and got off in front of my hostel when it was already closed. After one hour, thanks to the hosting organization, I had my room, left my luggage and went for the first walk in Lisbon. It was nice but at the same time a little bit scary.
The day after I found my bus station and took a bus to the city where I had to meet my hosting organization: SCMS.

First impressions
I came out of the bus in Santarèm and the first person I saw was the project manager of the organization, who was just a wonderful person: from that moment I knew we would get along very well. The staff showed me my room and the building where we should live and work. It was just perfect! The city is small but it is exactly the calm and friendly place I imagined it to be!

My first week
My first week in Santarèm has gone very well and some unexpected things happened to me. The project coordinator of SCAM made us visit the place where they work with children, but he also showed us the area where disabled people live and carry on different activities. It was a real surprise for me: I’ve worked 2 years in a center for disabled people but I’ve never seen what I saw there. These people were creating handmade carpets like real designers and their skill really impressed me. So I discovered a tool of non formal education.

My week in Santarèm
Our 1st week main activities were the following: visits to different places and different communities of SCMS, observations of its work against ESL and analysis of children’s conditions. This first week was just perfect and I enjoyed every moment of it.